Saturday, June 4, 2022

Published June 04, 2022 by Erich with 0 comment

New Home for Sessions

In early February 2022, In Like Flynn's closed permanently.  The pub we've played in for years, both as In Like Flynn's and as J. Patrick's before that, was no longer available for sessions.  So we started looking for another home for our weekly session.  After many months and trial sessions at various possible venues, we've ended up at the Five and Dime Alehouse in Hampden, on alternate Thursdays.  The Five and Dime is a great place to play - plenty of room for the musicians, excellent acoustics, very supportive management and staff, and centrally located in Baltimore.  

Since we're only at the Five and Dime every other Thursday, we're also holding house sessions on the off weeks.  Session attendance has increased quite a bit recently at both Five and Dime sessions and at house sessions, perhaps in part due to less concern about covid.  For information about the session schedule, contact me via the "Get in Touch" box on this site.

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