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Session on 16 Dec 2021

 In Memory of Mark Grasso

One of our friends was missing in the session on December 16, and we'll be missing him for a long time to come.  Mark Grasso finally lost his battle with cancer the day before.  His son Eliot has written a lot about Mark - his music, his principles, his approach to life, his humanity - in a CaringBridge blog.  It's well worth reading.

In honor of Mark's life and the time and music he shared with us, in this session we played many of the tunes that Mark liked to play: tunes that he learned from Eliot and taught us, such as The Bear in the Buckwheat; tunes that he learned in our session, such as Tommy Peoples'; and old classics such as Cooley's and Providence.  Following is the complete list of the tunes we played in this session:

The Bear in the Buckwheat / Bonnie Ann (reels)

McCarthy's / Congress (reels) 

The LuckpennyHumours of Ennistymon (aka Coppers and Brass) (jigs)

The Galtee Hunt (set dance)

Tuamgraney Castle / The Good-Natured Man / The Rights of Man (hornpipes)

For more specific details (e.g., key, settings) see the InLikeFlynnTunes spreadsheet.

Here is one other set of tunes that Mark was working on recently, with the intent of bringing up this set in a future session:

Last Night's Joy / The Youngest Daughter / My Love is in America (reels)
We will indeed be playing this in future sessions, in memory of Mark.

Thanks again to everyone (Pete, Kathy, Tracy and Eric, Jason, Gary, Rachel, Bill, Jane, Nancy, Peter, and Dara) who came out to the session in memory of Mark.



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