Monday, December 6, 2021

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Session on 2 Dec 2021

Tunes and sets we played on 2 Dec 2012:

(Tunes in bold have just been added to the InLikeFlynnTunes spreadsheet.)

Battering Ram / Gallagher's Frolics / Connachtman's Rambles
A nice set led by Jason.

Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home
A pair of very common hornpipes.

Aggie Whyte's Favorite
 / Belles of Tipperary
A set from the Mulcahey family's CD "The Mulcahy Family", track 14 (first tune mislabeled as Father Kelly's)

Tar Road to Sligo / Paddy Clancy
A set from the Bothy Band CD "The Bothy Band 1975".

Mountain Road / Tommy Peoples' / Rolling in the Ryegrass
A local 'standard' set that we play almost every session.

Jackie Coleman's / Jack Rowe
Two tunes we haven't played in quite a while, which go nicely together.

Humours of Glynn
 / Cordal Jig / Australian Waters
Three great tunes!

Crib of Perches
Another nice tune that we haven't played for a year or two.

A much more common tune than the previous one.

Trip to Durrow / Concertina Reel / Lady Anne Montgomery
Another of our local 'standard' sets.

Collier's / Miss Thornton / Concert Reel 
A set from Billy McComiskey's CD "Out of the Box".

The Castle
 Jig / The Nightingale 
A pair of jigs composed by Seán Ryan.

The Swallow's Nest
 / Bubbling Wine 
A pair of Paddy O'Brien compositions.  We actually played them one at a time, but they would make a nice set.

Father O'Flynn / Morrison's
Another local 'standard' set.

Cliffs of Moher / Sliabh Russell
Finally found something that goes with Cliffs of Moher.  Maybe would work better if the order were reversed.

A few additional tunes came up but weren't played in the session.  (Those in bold are not currently in the spreadsheet yet but will be added if/when they get played in a future session.)

Breen's / Hangman's Rope 
Two hornpipes from Martin Mulvihill's CD "Traditional Irish Fiddling from County Limerick".

Maho Snaps 
A tune that Jason mentioned.

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